Healthy Comfort Foods

Why is comfort food so good and why can it actually be good for you? In this segment on Better TV, I showcase healthy comfort food classics like mac and cheese and chili.

Comfort food satisfies something your body might need. For example during the winter season, you might be craving a warm bowl of chili or that hearty baked macaroni and cheese that both warms the body and can provide nutrients that you need – like vitamin C from broccoli and calcium from cheese.

Yet while many people crave comfort foods, there’s always the worry that what’s good can’t be healthy, right?

Let me tell you, comfort food doesn’t have to stick to your bones! To find out the secrets behind amping up flavor and deliciousness while dialing down calories, check out my new 14-day kick start weight loss program that shows you how to indulge in exactly the foods you crave, WHILE losing weight!

It will help you not only succeed with your weight loss goals, but it also allows you to ditch the diets forever. Though everyone’s journey is different, the tools, the insights and the methods in this 14-Day Kick Start Weight Loss Program work for everyone.

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