How To Eat Well On $1 A Day

Jeffrey Strain Living on $1 A DayCanadian newspaper The Globe And Mail recently published an article entitled “How To Eat Well For $1 A Day And Still Have Leftovers“, describing how a California blogger slashed his grocery budget by hunting deals, and wound up with extra food to share.

Dakshana Bascaramurty reports that “it all started with a bet: San Francisco-area blogger Jeffrey Strain, 43, said he could get through a month of eating on $1 a day. His sister said he couldn’t. With some couponing know-how, he set out to prove her wrong and blogged about it.”

Speaking to The Globe and Mail about his $1-a-day diet, Strain said “he managed to eat three meals a day (without ever falling back on instant noodles) and donate hundreds of dollars in products he acquired to food banks. But staying within budget wasn’t the only challenge of his project.”

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In Other News

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  1. wow In America $1 /day for food,
    there is no concept of “food discounts in INDIA”. Only in America this concept exists.That’s why it became Gr8 country in this world.

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