How Veggies Can Score You A Date

fruits and vegetables can help you find a date Last week, I was out tango dancing at one of my favorite low-key milonga hubs, when I bumped into an old tango friend who is newly single.

As he admitted that he’d love to start dating again, I replied, “Hey, what are your eating habits like?”

It might seem like an odd question, but eating healthy, being fit, and feeling great does wonders for anyone on the dating scene. Here are some ways that fruits and veggies can help you to turn on the charm.

Ramp up your Sex Appeal

Nothing is sexier than a person who takes care of their body by eating right. Not only do they have a fit physique, but how they feel inside from getting proper nutrition also shows. Shiny hair, beautiful teeth, and glowing skin comes from noshing on plenty of veggies and fruits. The easiest way to get your glow on is simple – instead of that fast food burger tonight try these trimmer vegetable-rich meals that are better for you and taste better than take out.

The Fastest Way to Their Heart

You know that old saying “the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Not only is it true in my personal experience, but it also applies to the ladies! Why do you think women swoon over those hot celebrity chefs? Surprise your crush by dropping off one of these healthy home made treats that are under 180 calories a piece – that even a health conscious guy or gal can enjoy!

Grapefruit Cupcakes with Chai Icing: These cupcakes get their tender crumb from the grapefruit juice and are sure to make a sweet impression. Any confirmed cupcake lover will love the dreamy cream cheese icing made with spices and low fat cream cheese. This cinnamon spiked icing can be made the day before and stored refrigerated for up to three days.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Strawberries: An ideal “no bake” treat for the beginner cook, these impressive looking peanut butter and chocolate strawberries will knock their socks off. You may choose to show off your creativity by wrapping these beauties in stylish packaging so your future sweetie can tote them home without crushing them.

Don’t Be a Wall Flower, Energize Yourself

One of the “hidden” benefits to eating well is having more energy and a more even energy level throughout the date. Nothing is worse than having your crush give you the cold shoulder simply because they think you’re no fun. The best way to prove them wrong? Start by lightening up you breakfast with fruits and vegetables to give you the energy you’ll need to ask them out and stay out late into the evening. Try these slimmer shakes as a fast breakfast option. Not only will you cut calories compared to those “gut busting” gourmet coffee drinks at 500 calories a pop, but you’ll also benefits from real, healthy ingredients like yogurt, skim milk, nuts, and fruit.

What Are Your Favorite Tips?

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