Inoculate Against Heartbreak & Stress

Hormone CureI’ve been knee-deep in kale over the past two weeks, but I do like to browse the web for new and interesting reading material.

I came across a new informative read, The Hormone Cure, by Dr. Sara Gottfried.

This book not only deals with natural ways to balance your hormones, but also healthy ways to deal with stressful situations, from break-ups to starting a new job. Dr. Sara will explain:

  • what to eat to detoxify yourself after a breakup for example, from the inside out
  • how alcohol can actually make your stress worse
  • the little-known supplement you need to brighten your mood and lower cortisol (the main stress hormone)
  • the single most important action to take to boost your mood and focus

Since I’ve been on this sexy kale kick, I thought I’d take my research a step further and listen to some of Dr. Sara’s holistic tips on how to keep your sex drive tuned up, and other ways to stay feeling young and vital…

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