July 2010 Newsletter

Guacamole and Curry KetchupGet your grill tongs out and heat up the grill! There’s a million and one ways to top a burger, but you can also dress up your dog with mouth-watering toppings that also happen to be healthy.

Start with a plump turkey dog that is low in fat and calories, around 40 calories and 2 grams of fat. Be sure to go for a “nitrate” free dog, since nitrates can turn to carcinogenic nitrosamines when they hit the grill. Pair with these tasty toppings:

Helping Hand with Hydration

Most of those artificially-colored and flavored sports drinks only have a trace of the minerals you need to properly rehydrate – along with empty calories. The next section highlights additional ideas to flavor your water safely and with naturally flavorful ingredients.

#1 | Bring On The Flavor – Add zest to your life, not unwanted sugar! Use lemon, orange, grapefruit zest in your tap or fizzy water.

#2 | Get Fresh With Mint – Mint has a refreshing taste that almost everyone enjoys and it infuses liquids well. Add a sprig to your water and you’ll have a refreshing treat!

#3 | It Is Easy Being Green – Make a green tea refresher that you can store in the fridge in a large pitcher. You’ll have plenty of iced green tea when your mouth needs a change!

In Other News

Finally, below is a reminder of some of my posts from last month, including many new recipes. For a complete listing, check out the June 2010 blog archive.

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