Jump Start The Holidays

Part of the excitement of the holiday season is all the glitter and trimmings that go along with it. Getting into the holiday mood a little early isn’t only fun, but can be the remedy for stress that comes during the shopping rush.

Stocking your pantries and even your closets like my granny used to do, makes for effortless entertaining and even gracefully saving the day when an unexpected guest arrives with a gift for you.

Drink and Be Merry

Nothing brightens a table more than a candle and a bottle of wine, for example a hearty, fruity, yet inexpensive wine with rich spices. A chilled bolder rose or sparkling pink prosecco goes well with spiced nuts and Christmas cookies.

Set the Mood

Decorating is key, but what if you don’t want to invest a lot of money in a large tree, lights, and garlands? Simple inexpensive candles can literally add warmth and a festive mood to any room.

Stocking Stuffers

Anyone who loves to cook will appreciate these kitchen tools that really work, I know I’ve tested plenty of different brands. These are my picks and they are really affordable too.

Ever struggled with a dull bulky peeler that just doesn’t work? This Swissmar peeler is amazingly smooth and compact. Once you get this one, you’ll never dread peeling potatoes again!

Always hunting around for a paring knife that stays sharp? These thin-bladed l’econome knives are great for little jobs like paring, slicing herbs and trimming veggies.

Tongs are super handy for cooking everyday meals, but not when they’re hard to close. These tongs are light and close effortlessly, great for folks with small hands like me.

And sometimes basic tools are the best – that’s so true in the case of this slender, no frills microplane zester that never dulls.