What Knives Should You Buy?

Every kitchen should have at least three knives. The chef’s knife, usually 8-10 inches long, is the knife I use every day and the workhorse in anyone’s kitchen. It is used for chopping, slicing and dicing, basically it’s the all-purpose knife. A serrated knife, 8-10 inches long to use on bread, and hard to cut items like squashes, vegetable stalks, and for slicing roasts. Lastly, a paring knife, usually 3-4 inches long, for peeling, coring, and slicing small items like cherry tomatoes! Learn more about how to buy and care for knives in this related post.

Wüsthof Knives

Wusthof KnivesAround $40-80 each
Great, strong knives that I used in culinary school and during my time working in restaurants. They last forever and are definitely worth the extra investment. I suggest the 8-Inch Cook’s Knife, depending on the size of your hands, as well as the 10-Inch Bread Knife, and the Paring Knife

Ceramic Santoku Knife

Santoku KnifeAround $60
The Kyocera Ceramic Santoku Knife blade is made from ceramic materials with an ultra sharp blade. Besides having a soft spot for the pink handle, this knife glides through the most delicate herbs, veggies, and boneless meats. The size is perfect for small hands like mine and makes prep work a breeze! Just be careful with the blade, no banging or dropping little pinky, or using her on meat bones – her blade can chip but if you take care you will get many, many years of use from her. Buy It!

L’Econome Paring Knife

Paring KnifeAround $7
I like to have a bunch of paring knives and these inexpensive dandies have a thin, sharp blade. They keep their sharp edge, and since they have a nice price they make excellent gifts.

Sharpening Whetstones

Sharpening WhetstoneAround $20
Sharpening Whetstone are a must for any true foodies that uses their knifes on a daily basis. Inexpensive and easy to use, whetstone need to soak for one hour before you start to sharpen your knives. Air dry completely before storing to prevent the stone from cracking. Buy at Amazon »

Brieto Chef’s Knife

Brieto KnifeAround $170
If you want to splurge and buy one knife or really treat the chef in your life, the Brieto Knive is the way to go. Top quality forging, made of stain-Resistant Steel Brieto last a lifetime and are easy to sharpen when you use a Japanese whetstone. Buy at Amazon »

Serrated Bread Knife

Serrated Bread KnifeAround $50
Serrated Knives are great for slicing bread and cutting up large melons and squashes because their edge grips the food like a saw. Hand wash your new serrated knife to protect the handle and keep it in top shape. Buy at Amazon »


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