Low-Cal Comfort Foods

Why is comfort food so good and why can it actually be good for you?

Comfort can be good for you since it satisfies something your body might need. For example, when the seasons change you might be craving a warm bowl of chili or that hearty baked macaroni and cheese that both warms the body and can provide nutrients that you need – like vitamin C from broccoli and calcium from cheese.

In this segment, which aired in October 2008 on Better TV, Jennifer showcased comfort food classics like mac and cheese and chili.

Wondering about weight control? Comfort food doesn’t have to stick to your bones. Find out the secrets among my top fall and winter comfort foods that satisfy the skinny way and help you get the nutrition you need to fight those fall sniffles.

After you watch the segment, you’ll learn that you can still enjoy comfort foods without packing on pounds. The best part? Eating healthy versions of all your favorite comfort foods can keep you from snacking on unhealthy high-fat or high sugar foods after dinner.


  1. I think this is a great idea…. I am a big fan of comfort food and to have it even low calorie – is even better!!

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