I'm Giving Away a BUNCH of Stuff…

How To Lose Belly FatWhew! Memorial Day is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like I used to be, you are wishing you already started to get in shape, right?

Especially with swimsuit season staring you in the face.

So what exactly am I giving away today only?

More on that in a minute.

As a loyal follower of my Skinny Chef blog, I want to share the key information that allows you to burn off 5-15% of your unwanted weight and body fat in the next 30 days – and continue to burn it off every month until you get the body you’ve always wanted.

Sounds good?

Frankly, I can’t wait until you start to feel really comfortable in your own skin and see for yourself just how fun this summer can be.

And as you’ll see in a minute, there’s a great way to get in shape quickly.

Belly Fat LossBut as one of my longtime followers, you also know that I refuse to make promises like “Lose 25 Pounds This Week” or “Here’s This One Life-changing Weight Loss Tip.”

Because, you’re smart and you know that promises like that are usually followed by crazy diet plans, diet pills and other gimmicks.

No, you don’t need empty promises – you need something that WORKS and works for the LONG-TERM.

I’ve been on both sides of the fence in terms of weight issues, and I’ve been coaching and inspiring people to lose their unwanted fat WHILE still eating the foods they crave…

After all as a professional chef, my #1 priority is awesome taste and deliciousness!

How about meals like tacos, balsamic pasta, and chocolate shakes that will taste so delicious you won’t believe that they can help you lose fat or maintain your weight loss?


Here’s where you can find out what I am giving away today

Ok, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Let’s quickly take a look at what a few of these people had to say.

Here’s Albert: “I’ve been following the program for a month and lost approximately 20 pounds. Not only the weight loss – I had no cravings for the potato chips or anything else.”

Or listen to Kris: “I’ve lost the same 20 pounds many times – usually using some restrictive eating plan. But with this program’s focus on changing just a few small things and giving it time, I’ve finally put an end to my yo-yoing weight.”

Okay. One more. Christel said: “What I really like is that you put focus on only a few “rules” that are so easy to remember and apply. I think you are different from others. It feels genuine and I think you have a different approach.”

See the pattern here? It’s about realizing what you’ve been doing so far and really focusing on eating foods you like in fulfilling quantities, never going hungry and losing weight at a steady rate.

Not only weight, but transforming your body because fat loss doesn’t mean anything unless you’re noticing your body change to something you like, right?

And the cool side effect? You’ll feel better and have so much more energy for all of this summer’s activities!

So here’s the link again where you can find out what I am giving away today only

Live happier & healthier…


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