Nautical Noshes

sea horse napkin and sea shell toothpickYou don’t need a special occasion to entertain, sunny weather and Friday summer hours are reason enough. While taking a half day of this past Friday, I wandered in a cool housewares shop to get a breather before descending into the subway.

A great excuse to hunt for inexpensive food styling props to spice up my weekly blogs and inspire new recipes, I couldn’t leave the store without these adorable sea shell studded toothpicks, ideal for appetizers served along with embossed seahorse cocktail napkins and patio safe plastic plates decorated with sea horses and turtles.

Brunch with Nautical Noshes

Here’s a large selection for your next seaside inspired brunch. All the dishes can be prepared up to one hour ahead and served room temperature.

Breezy and Easy

Balsamic Salmon
Flaky Fish Fingers, and dress them up with Grapefruit Salsa
Salmon Ceviche

Grill It or Skillet

Chipotle Calamari Salad
Chipotle Orange Shrimp
Salmon Cakes

Chill Cocktails

Bloody Mary
Pomegranate Margarita

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