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Redesigned SkinnyChef.comMany people associate shopping and gifts with the holiday season, but for me it’s about sharing delicious home-made food, decorating, playing music and inviting neighbors over to share a plate of cookies and a simple holiday toast.

Speaking of unwrapping gifts – I have finally taken off the wraps my brand new, totally redesigned and realigned website. If you haven’t been to, this is the time!

Plus, as you visit, don’t forget to watch my new video series and download my latest 32-page booklet “EAT Yourself Into Shape”.

As you’ll notice in the section below, I am also the new healthy cooking expert on with my very own page — and this last month, we kicked off a 10-episode webseries called Food Courting, where I’ll get to remake your favorite food court classics into something really tasty, and a lot healthier! I’ve love to hear your feedback.

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Happy and Healthy Cooking,

Jennifer Iserloh

Blog Posts From October 2010


Latest Post on Kitchen Daily

Check out my latest posts on AOL’s KitchenDaily, which I haven’t highlighted in quite a while: Healthier ramen noodles and a Halloween-inspired recipe.

More Really Big Healthy Snacks

Here’s another installment of the “really big healthy snack” theme: Now that I’ve been in the swing of my slightly tweaked, new exercise routine, I’ve found that I needed additional snacks. So here’s my solution based on a truly amazing Serrano ham pizza…


Food Courting: Episode 3

In this third episode of the brandnew LiveStrong video series, I am applying my healthy makeover skills to a tomato and basil pizza complete with a satisfying crust – so you can see that pizza doesn’t have to be high-calorie to be flavorful.

Broccoli and Edamame Stir Fry

Fast and Flavorful Side Dish

Oftentimes when I plan a meal, I like to center it around the vegetable instead of adding on a veggie side dish as an afterthought. But when time is tight, I like to turn the side dishes below into complete meals – simply by adding some chopped, cooked chicken, a baked piece of fish and a chunky slice of toasted whole grain baguette or country style bread.

tomato cantaloupe salsa

Really Big Healthy Snacks

What do you do when you feel a little hungrier than normal but don’t want to load up on an extra meal’s worth of calories? Going hungry isn’t an option, so my mission over the next few weeks is to make a series of big, filling snacks with less calories. Check out Big Snack #1…


Food Courting: Episode 2

In this second episode of the brandnew LiveStrong video series, I am applying my healthy makeover skills to an Asian chicken and broccoli dish – so you can enjoy the comfort of takeout without the high levels of sodium, sugars or calories…

Hazy Ginger Moons

Trick or Sweet?

No question about it, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays growing up! I created these “hazy ginger moons” with that in mind, part cookie, part candy, that are not overly sweet. They’re ideal for impromptu trick-or-treaters because these no-bake treats come together quickly.

Three Rules to Prevent a Snack Attack

Three Rules to Prevent a Snack Attack

Ever see that scene in the movie “Chocolat” where the Comte de Reynaud breaks into the chocolate shop? Perhaps you’ve never broken into a chocolate shop, but you might have had the experience of overdoing it with your favorite snack food. So I’ve devised three very simple rules to help you defeat the “snack attack”.

Recipe Combining

Recipe Combining

I have my go-to recipes, especially when it comes to desserts – but I also like to mix up my routine with plenty of variety. That’s one thing I really admired about my Granny’s cooking growing up – she never confined herself to the same, limited list of recipes! Need help perfecting your own recipe combos? Just write in and I’ll email you my take on your dish.

Seeding Good Health

Seeding Good Health

Who would have thought that we’d find a Thai curiosity during our most recent trip to London? We spotted this golden brew, floating with odd looking seeds that each had their own opaque halos.

Food Courting: Episode 1

Food Courting: Episode 1

In a brandnew series airing on over the next few months, I am applying my healthy makeover skills to a variety of high-calorie dishes. In episode 1, it’s all about how to make a healthy burger, fries & shake …

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