Solar Powered Cook-Off

Grow NYC: Solar Cook Off

Come join me at Solar Cook-Off at New Green City this Wednesday October 10, 2012 located at the Union Square Green Market.

We’ll be using locally sourced ingredients from the Greenmarket and appliances powered by Greenmarket’s solar-powered van for a little chef-to-chef combat “Skinnychef vs. Chef Dan Obusan” from Great Performances.

Come root for us!

Update: Check Out The Pics From The Event

[SlideDeck2 id=23198 ress=1]

Here’s what Grow NYC’s Julie Walsh mused: “Everyone here has raved about what a natural ready for the camera food personality you are — your ability to turn out wonderful food while staying cool under pressure and be charming and communicative is so impressive. I was making my rounds so was not able to stay for all of it but loved your grass fed beef pitch. Well done.”

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