Start Out on the Right Foot

Healthy FeetI was recently reading about the power of intention on the Chopra Center website and I wondered if setting intentions or tones in the morning could make you more calm or possibly productive during the day.

Often, when I first wake up and have had a least a few sips of coffee, I start to mull over an imaginary “to do list” that is far larger than what one human being can accomplish in one day. Then I make my second mistake of the morning and open up my email where an electronic to-do list awaits.

Healthy Mind

So over the past two weeks I’ve decided to set my intention for the day by taking 20 minutes each morning to do activities that don’t cause stress, instead choosing something that’s fun that can also help me to makes me feel calm and focused. Since I’ve always loved art and especially sketching and water colors, I recently bought “An Illustrated Life” by Danny Gregory – a published collection of various artists’ personal notebooks.

Each morning over the past two weeks, I read about a different artist, their lives, their loves, fears, delights, and wonderful art. One of the artists, Prashant Miranda, has the most charming body of work.

I’m reminded that one of my dreams is to learn to water color and sketch, so I can keep a recipe and food journal, packed with home-grown illustrations, thoughts, stories, and tips. And then, after 15 minutes of reading and turning the pages, I know it’s time for breakfast.

Healthy Body

For the last five minutes, I make my breakfast smoothie with kefir, ground flax, ice, and whatever fresh fruit I have on hand.

I know that this type of breakfast is loaded with things I’ll need to make it through my morning, like protein, calcium, probiotics, omega-3s, and many other nutrients. I’ve never been a breakfast person, so a smoothie is something that is easy to drink, refreshing, and easy to digest. Many nutritionists say that it’s important to have breakfast to keep your weight under control and to help brain function and concentration.

So within 20 minutes I’ve started my day out on the right foot, but more importantly I’ve noticed a change in the work flow of my day, quality of work, and the quality of my thoughts.

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