Summer Cookouts

Healthy Summer CookoutsThe other day, I was visiting my friend Leslie Dantchik, author of the Alphabites blog. While preparing lunch, we caught up on gossip, talking about summer plans and dreaming of cookouts when the sun sets.

“Why don’t we make chicken salad with grapes and shaved fennel?” I asked before we hit the market.

Leslie is not a big mayo fan although I love it, so we prepared a “no mayo” chicken salad that not only tastes delicious, but had the same creamy dressing that you find in most mayo-based dishes, like macaroni and egg salad.

Inspired by the flavor and texture, I wanted to make a potato salad that used Greek yogurt just like her chicken salad. Why not please people of both camps, mayo fans and anti mayo crowd? So check out my lean, flavorful potato salad along with other healthy picnic favorites that you can make for your next summer cookout.


  1. I love the idea of a no mayo chicken salad as I, like Leslie, am not a fan of mayo. Is that recipe posted somewhere?

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