How To Make Your Own Tamari Almonds

How To Make Your Own Tamari AlmondsTamari almonds made their way into my banana-nut breakfast smoothie as they really add a hint of saltiness against the sweetness of really ripe bananas. But as unexpectedly good as they may taste, I was in for another shocker: As I recently reviewed my grocery bill, I realized that those tamari almonds were almost $2 a bag!

For my latest post on AOL’s Slashfood, I highlighted how I made my own, homemade tamari almonds.

Since I had a bottle of low-sodium tamari taking up space in my cupboard, I shopped for the plain, raw almonds with the skins on. Almonds are touted as the most diet-friendly nut because they are both high in protein – and they are considered heart-friendly due to their high levels of monounsaturated fat that makes them very filling.

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