The True Blood Diet

True BloodLast Sunday night, I went to my neighbor’s house for our weekly True Blood fix. As we witnessed the passion, intrigue, and gore, I thought about the vampire diet and what their diet mainly consisted of.

Hands down, they mainly eat from a live source, and in rare cases when they do have something in a bottle, they are the first to admit that it doesn’t taste nearly as good.

Eating “live” food, is hardly a novel idea, in fact it’s been around for over 4000 years – just like some of those vampires. I first heard the term, “live food” when I started to study and learning about Ayurveda and yoga.

Ayurveda, literally translated means life science, ancient preventative practices that fortify against disease. The idea is to leverage foods, spices, and hygiene practices in order to regain balance when we find ourselves out of whack – because of seasonal changes and stress.

One of the main tenets of Ayurveda is “eat live food”. Anything that is prepackaged, processed or overcooked is considered rotten or dead. Ayurvedic followers believe that fresh vegetables, lightly cooked, pass the highest amount of energy directly onto you, since they contain the highest levels of something they call “prana” or life force, the very thing that Bill and his vampire pursuers are looking for.

How to Eat Livelier Food

  • Shop for locally grown vegetables and fruit. They are harvested closer to the time of sale and spend less time in transit. Did you know that the average grocery store head of broccoli spends about three weeks in transit?
  • Swap out one packaged food or snack with something juicy, like a juicy apple topped with a teaspoon of almond butter, 1 cup fresh broccoli florets dipped in a good quality dressing, or a cup of fresh berries topped with a dollop of sour cream and a pinch of cinnamon.
  • Instead of reaching for that candy bar, try quenching your sweet tooth with 1/2 a chopped mango drizzled in chocolate syrup or balsamic vinegar.

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