Three Rules to Prevent a Snack Attack

chocolate binge from ChocolatEver see that scene in the movie “Chocolat”? I was thinking of one scene in particular where the Comte de Reynaud breaks into the chocolate shop – bent on destroying his adversary who represents hedonistic pleasure, a threat to his way of life.

As he mangles the gorgeous chocolate display, hacking away at a large chocolate Venus with a pocket knife, he ends up having a major chocolate binge, which ends in falling asleep inside the window display. Ever time I’ve seen the movie, I just relish the part where “Vianne”, the chocolate shop owner, catches him the next morning and hands him an Alka-Seltzer instead of reproaches. She also swears that she won’t tell a soul.

Defeating The Snack Attack

Perhaps you’ve never broken into a chocolate shop, or eaten enough chocolate to make you pass out, but you might have had the experience of overdoing it with your favorite snack food or eating more of something that initially you didn’t really want to before you took a few bites. So I’ve devised three very simple rules to help you defeat the “snack attack”.

Rule One

If you watched that part from “Chocolat” I’ve mentioned, then you’ve probably already learned this lesson – never deprive yourself to the point where you’re ready to snap, like the Comte de Reynaud did. You’re just setting yourself up for failure, and sooner than later you’ll come in contact with that one trigger food, which will be nearly impossible to resist. Instead, enjoy a smaller version of the treat you love or a healthier version occasionally.

Rule Two

To be ready for snacking and treats, be prepared. Nothing is worse than being tempted by your favorite food when you’re incredibly hungry. The point to snacking or having the occasional dessert is to nip hunger in the bud or fill out a meal when you’re still hungry. I’ve learned to never eat unless I’m hungry, but going hungry to be “good” means trouble for your blood sugar levels, your health, and your mind. So plan ahead for work or school snacks that fit into your calorie limits of 100 to 200 calories.

Rule Three

This rule has nothing to do with eating, it’s all about the mind. Reassure yourself that there is enough, plenty of your favorite foods to be had. After a time, you will start to believe that there is no need to overeat, those treats will be available way into the future. Need ways to do it? Try a mantra, like the one I use, “there is always enough, there is bounty”.

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