Delicious Turkey Corn-Dog Bites

Healthy Corn Dog RecipeCorn dogs are one of those amusement park goodies I crave, smelling the combo of meat against a hot corn filling, with juicy meat on a stick – all pretty irresistible by anyone’s standards.

Apparently, the corn dog has been around longer than I suspected, dating back to 1947 and now there’s even a National Corndog Day. I’ve tried making them at home, and have seen and tested many corn dog recipes that aren’t deep-fried. Unfortunately they haven’t come out close to the flavor of the real deal and are a mess to make.

So I created these golden corn-dog muffins for one of my latest posts on AOL’s SlashFood. It’s a cutie – a bite-sized snack that uses the same flavors in a corn dog minus the stick! The recipe also swaps in turkey dogs for beef dogs to lower the fat and calories in this addictive snack.

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