What Men Want

What about us? my husband kindly reminded, when he requested more male-focused content on SkinnyChef.com. So I’ve decided to focus my July newsletter on the men-folk who subscribe.

What Men Want

Alright – let’s talk grilling, that’s what the guys wanna hear. Summer seems to be the one time when most non-cooking dudes clamor for their aprons. Yep – don’t know a guy out there who doesn’t like the taste of barbeque or the wafting scent of grilled burgers and a dozen dogs. Grilling is fun, easy, and can be very healthy. The trick is in the marinade, right?

So let’s skip those greasy burgers and fatty dogs and go for something with some serious flavor! Here are two marinades that you can make in a zipper lock bag for easy clean-up. They are healthy and totally flavorful. Check out my recipes for Grilled Jalapeno Flank Steak and Grilled Mango with Balsamic Glaze!

My most requested dish by my male friends by far is pulled pork, so now you can make it too. Pork is full of flavor and my version is just as tasty – only leaner than traditional recipes.

Healthiest Foods for Men

What are the healthiest foods for men? Not many of the men I know ever ask me this, but I think it’s helpful for them to know! They are primarily concerned with the taste and how fast it takes to cook something, but fellas, you can have it all!

The major problem most of my male friends and family members face is cholesterol, whether or not they have weight issues. High cholesterol can lead to heart disease so let’s face it, all the saturated fat in those burgers and dogs is not helping! You love BBQ sauce, right? Let’s make it on turkey burgers, salmon, and chicken dogs. Chicken breasts on the grill are finger-licking good and as long as you remove the skin you’re doing your heart a big favor!

Plan on Protein

Men usually don’t have trouble incorporating meat into their diet. However, try to make your proteins low-fat, not only will it trim the waistline, but also will it help with cholesterol issues and make you feel a lot lighter on your feet! Here are some easy ways to do it:

  • Opt for fish once a week in place of red meat
  • Go for the turkey alternative especially when it comes to sausages. Some sausages can be extremely high in fat including Italian pork sausage. One hot dog can have up to 1/3 of what you should be having in fat intake for the entire day! Can you believe that? And frankly, I have never seen a guy eat just one.

Get your Veg on!

Many men just don’t know how to cook veggies or they claim not to like them. The solution is simple. Find a healthy dressing, jarred sauce, or spice mix and top off your veggies with flavors you love. Use a grill basket to grill your veggies in. Try adding salsa to your meal. Salsa goes great with meat, poultry and fish. The best news is that it’s low in fat and calories. Try my Tomato Cantaloupe Salsa for a special sweet treat.

Find Fiber

Yep – fiber is your friend! Protect the gear below the belly, because you never know when it will hit you below the belt, so to speak. Small and large intestine, and your buddy, Senor colon all need love in the form of fiber. I’m not talking about those gooey, white hamburger buns when I say fiber. “White” or processed breads are made with grains that are stripped of all the bran where all that good ole, nutritious fiber hangs out.

Bummer right? But the good news is that food companies are wising up and making tons of your favorite products in the whole-grain version. And ever better news? Fiber helps with cholesterol, and keeps things moving along smoothly if you know what I mean. Where else can you find fiber? Broccoli, apples, grapefruit and many other fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fiber. Just 1/2 cup (that’s about a half a coffee mug) of raspberries give you 20% of the fiber you need each day. Easy, right? Find out more about the health benefits of grapefruit.

Drink Up!

I know it’s summer, the best time to drink an icy cold one, but will someone please tell my husband that beer does not count as proper hydration? Decrease the beer bellies by having a glass of water instead of overdoing it on the beer, or drink a glass of water before you have your next beer. Summer is a great time to deflate unwanted fat around the mid-section, and beer is high in carbohydrates.

Happy & Healthy Cooking,
— Jennifer

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