If You Win the Lottery, Will You be Happy?

ways the media makes you feel fatThis is the million dollar question:

“Will winning the lottery truly make you happy?”

Drumroll… the answer is..

“Only if you were happy before you won!”

So what does this have to do with healthy eating and healthy living?

“If I could just lose those 10 pounds, I’d be happy!”

How many times have I heard that one! I hope people don’t mean it, but what if that person is beating themselves up at night over it? Weight loss isn’t the answer to happiness — but maintaining a healthy weight can be a wonderful expression of self-love if it’s done the healthy way.

Healthy Mind — Then Healthy Body

One great way to be healthy in the mind as well as the body? Don’t listen to the media!

People are just different body shapes, plain and simple, and as long as your BMI is in the correct range, you should simply learn to love your shape.

I’m an apple — skinny legs, arms, and bum but roundish belly. I’m sure you’ve heard pear, but there is one more fruit body type out there: The banana!

The banana types are very tall with a willowy body type (like my husband) — who have difficulty gaining weight even though they eat plenty and have almost no curves. Bananas rule the fashion scene and most magazine covers, but guess what? When enjoyed alone that makes a really boring fruit salad!

So no matter what you are, it’s all good, variety makes life delicious.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Ok, so you’ve got a pretty healthy respect for yourself, what happens when you tweak some of your bad habits or do happen to slim down to a healthier weight?

Certainly when your body is feeling good it can have a great effects on the mind! It’s a confidence booster, it can be an energy boost, and even make you feel proud that you had the discipline to do it!

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