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Florida GrapefruitFresh-from-the-grove Florida grapefruit and pure-squeezed grapefruit juice are nutrition powerhouses packed with antioxidants. They also offer a sweet, invigorating taste to rejuvenate your mind and body from the inside, out.

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Listen to the radio interviews below to learn how easy it is to incorporate superfoods like grapefruit into your diet. I share many of my favorite tips and kitchen tricks over the air waves to anyone who wants to look a feel better, including busy parents, sports buffs, working singles, and growing teens.

  • Boston Outlook – aired on WODS FM in Boston/MA.
  • Community Review – aired on KHHT FM in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Good Parenting – aired nationwide on Radio American.
  • The Valder Beebe Show – aired February 3, 2008 on
  • Focus on Manassas – aired on WJFK FM in Washington/DC.
  • The Exchange – aired on WICC AM in New York/NY and Bridgeport/CT.
  • The Jim Scott Show – aired nationwide on XM/WLW AM.
  • Oklahoma Sunrise – aired on KOKC AM in Oklahoma City/OK.
  • AM Tampa Bay – aired on WFLA AM in Tampa Bay/FL.
  • WZZO and WEAB News Segment – aired on Philadelphia’s WEAB AM-FM and WZZO FM.

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