Joy Bauer’s Food Cures

Food Cures

Today show regular Joy Bauer – whom New York magazine calls “the best nutritionist in New York City,” has empowered so many people, helping them to find the fast track to health and well-being. Contributing more than fifty recipes, Jennifer felt fortunate to work closely with Joy on Food Cures and benefit from her expertise and insight!

In the introduction to her book, Joy thanked Jennifer as “an extraordinary expert and colleague, a phenomenal chef with a passion for health. Your scrumptious recipe contributions and incredible commitment were a true blessing. Seriously, you are an angel.”

Ok, I’ll admit it – I’m a biased reviewer! But like me, anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Joy Bauer sees the positive, loving impact she’s had on so many lives through her nutrition practice, TV appearances, friendships, and work relationships. A pleasure to read, Food Cures unmasks the link between food and health with simple explanations and relatable case studies from Joy’s personal experiences.

While reading this unique resource book loaded with recipes, you’ll find what you’re looking for – from coping with Migraines and PMS, to living with Celiac and how to be more beautiful, all through healthy eating! A must on your kitchen counter, it’s a valuable family resource for years to come!

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