Health Concerns

Posts in this section discuss specific links between certain health conditions and what you eat or consume. As a health coach, education is an important component of my approach -- though I stress that serious conditions always require the professional advice of a physician.

Eating for Gallbladder Health

The gallbladder is a little organ that works in tandem with the liver to store bile, but when too much cholesterol and excess calcium solidify to form gallstones, it can bring on a list of symptoms – so here’s a little guide for eating if you have gallbladder issues or have had your gallbladder removed.

Organic, Local, and Conventional Produce

I support organic because organic produce taste better, it’s better for the environment, and has less toxins that come in the form of pesticides and pollutants in conventional produce. But it’s understandable that not all people can afford to buy all organic all the time …

American Sugar Consumption

The consumption of sugar remains a top issue for nutritionists everywhere, and as a certified health coach and a former “sugar-holic”, it’s been dear to my heart. Many folks ask if this concern is totally overblown, but check out these eye-opening stats! So what are you going to do about it in 2013?

Empty Calories From Alcohol Vs. Soda?

A new study found that Americans consume almost as many empty calories from alcohol than from sodas. Read more about the research involving more than 11,000 people across the country on the foods and drinks they consumed in a typical day..

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Whether you’re on the path to losing weight or just trying to take off 10, belly fat is usually the last to come off. Biologically speaking, storing fat for survival could mean life or death if we still lived like our ancestors in prehistoric times.

United States of Obesity (2011)

As every year, CalorieLab computed the fattest state rankings based on the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System database maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So, how does your state rank?

9 Surprising Things That Diets Get Wrong

It’s prime weight loss season and I’ve been reading a lot of diet news lately. But there is a flipside to many new theories that have definite cons when it comes to losing weight, in fact they might even surprise you how they can sabotage your efforts! So here are 9 weightloss wisdoms as you head out onto your new quest.