Healthy Foods To Lose Weight

Who doesn’t like to make their New Year’s resolutions last throughout the year?

In this segment on Better TV, I share easy tricks that allow you to ditch the diets and still lose weight!

And that’s exactly what you’ll find in my new 14-Day Kick Start Weight Loss program that officially opens tomorrow, on January 4. Go ahead, take a sneak peek!

In my discussion with Audra Lowe, I touched on many aspects that I am also teaching in my program, including why radical fad diets can be harmful or why resisting your guilty pleasures may actually put on the pounds!

But the purpose of my comprehensive program is not only to help you succeed with your weight loss goals, it also guides you to ditch the diets forever. That’s right, you’ll be ditching the diets FOREVER!

Try Ditch The Diets - It's FREEGetting rid of diets altogether will take a while to accomplish, and I’ll be the first to admit that.

As with many things in life, weight loss and living a more balanced life is a process, a journey with many milestones along the way.

Depending on where you are today, and depending on your individual situation, everyone’s journey is different – but the tools, the insights and the methods in this 14-Day Kick Start Weight Loss program work for everyone.

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