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Skinny Chef Makes The Cover of Hoboken DigestJust like last week, another Hoboken weekly decided to run a cover story on the making of Secrets of a Skinny Chef. In the extensive interview with Jason Stahl, we touched on the benefits of cooking at home, how to eat out healthier, and how to get kids started on the right eating track.

“Jennifer Iserloh loves to eat and it used to show. The 5’2″ former overweight, emotional eater grew up on her granny’s heavy Hungarian cooking in a tough part of Pittsburgh, and didn’t like seeing her size 12 in the mirror.”

“While in college, she sweated walking up hills, and every day at 3:00 pm she gorged on a Snickers bar to cope with rejection. In high school, she bribed boys with cupcakes just so they would go out on a date with the unattractive girl. But who’s laughing now!!”

“Now five dress sizes smaller, and 40 pounds lighter, Iserloh, who’s known as the Skinny Chef, has a new cookbook, food writing gigs, a successful website, and is on the verge of her own television show.”

“Over lentil and turkey tacos, cold soup, chicken cheese steak and scrambled eggs, the Skinny Chef spoke openly about her struggles with being overweight, getting kids to eat vegetables, and what the French can teach us about having a happy colon.”

Skinny Chef Makes The Cover of Hoboken Digest

Skinny Chef Makes The Cover of Hoboken Digest


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