Is Wine Healthy for You?

is wine healthy?As a chef working in restaurants early in my career, pairing wine with delicious foods was a must. I really enjoy the taste of wine and the unique way they have of bringing out flavors and aromas in food.

But now that I work as a certified health coach and healthy cooking expert, I want to share the health pros and cons of drinking alcohol.

Antioxidant Buzz

I’m sure you’ve heard about the wonder antioxidant, resveratrol found in red wine. But what you might not know is that resveratrol has a very poor absorption rate in your body and the amount of wine you would have to consume to get enough would damage your liver. On the other hand, moderate consumption does show promise with heart health — no matter the type of alcohol, as long as you consume in moderation.

Moderation is a Must

strawberry vodka cocktailIf you do drink, drink in moderation — and choose whatever drink you like. Wine, beer, or spirits — each seems to have the same health benefits as long as moderation — no more than one drink per day for women, and no more than two drinks per day for men. Some studies show that regular drinking, even in moderation can increase your cancer risk because it depletes your body of vital cancer-fighting nutrients like folate, a B vitamin.


If you don’t like to drink, don’t start, you certainly don’t need to drink alcohol to be healthy! Want to reap the benefits of antioxidants? There are plenty of ways to increase your antioxidant load like adding fresh berries, spinach, kale and other incredible superfoods.

If you do enjoy wine weekly, think about taking a folic acid supplement after you talk to your doctor. Increase your consumption of leafy greens like kale and spinach, which are both high in folate.

Alcohol Turns To Sugar In The Body: FALSE!

This is one of the biggest health myths out there, but alcohol does not turn to sugar in your blood! In fact, it doesn’t turn into anything, it’s given priority processing because your liver considers it a poison. Alcohol — like carbs, fat, and protein, does have calories, 7 per gram. So if you want to trim a few pounds, cut your drinks by half and you might meet your weight goals faster than you think.

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