Ahealthy body can produce and sustain a healthy mind. That is the mission statement of Play 4 Life, a non-for-profit organization that I work with on a monthly basis.

Why do I volunteer? Living healthy is more to me than just nutritious cooking or writing about health trends, it’s also about sharing the wealth with others.

I volunteer to teach healthy cooking to New York City’s children, many whom have never had a healthy meal and only know processed or fast foods. During our lessons, they get hooked on cooking and enjoying fresh foods, and in the process they discover how easy it is to make healthy eating part of their lives. Play 4 Life and I share the vision that leading a healthy lifestyle will help children realize their goals and dreams.

In this webcast, that was taped in June 2008, we cooked a healthy Mexican feast with the volunteers from Play 4 Life and the girls from the Abbott House. They get their first taste of Guacamole and it’s love at first bite, though the chicken enchiladas certainly run a close second.

Recipes Covered in Segments

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  • Guacamole – Whenever I invite guests over during the summer, I serve plenty of guacamole because it’s so popular! Many friends have told me that their guacamole is not nearly as tasty and I think I know what the trouble is: Make sure that your avocados are completely ripe before cutting them open.
  • Chicken Enchiladas – This is a great way to use up left-over veggies. It’s a one meal deal, and has all the food groups including spinach which is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals.
  • Refried Beans with Turkey Bacon – Asparagus is the quintessential spring vegetable, but is easy to find year-round. Balsamic vinegar mixed with chicken broth and cornstarch adds a sweet-and-sour flavor to this dish. Top with grilled, sliced chicken to make it a meal.
  • Cinnamon Rice Pudding – Avocado in a milkshake might sound unusual, but in Vietnam it’s a traditional treat that you can order in local restaurants. Enjoy a creamy, rich shake while getting a serving of vegetables to boot!

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