Let’s Stay In Shape For Fun Summer Days

Ibet you’re looking forward to summer as much as I am, right?

Now that we have had a taste of sunshine, I’m thinking about pulling out the sundresses, unpacking those swimsuits and shaking out my beach bag! With Memorial Day just around the corner, this is the perfect time to get with beach worthy books, sun block and healthy snacks before the festivities begin!

Alright, if you cringed at the word swimsuit, you’re not alone – I’m cringin’ with you, adding an extra day of yoga to my routine! Putting on a few pounds during the winter months seems almost unavoidable. But never fear, there is still time to tilt your face to the sun and lighten up your diet with plenty of fresh spring produce and healthy diet tips.

It’s asparagus season, so try my healthy creamy asparagus soup. Add myspinach and strawberry salad to make it a complete meal. Eat more veggies and fruit this week to get better hydration, add more antioxidants for sun protection, and kick-start the new slim and sleek you!

But if you’re swimsuit ready, fantastic!! Let’s keep it that way with fast and portable snacks that you can take with you, wherever you sun and fun this summer! Your friends will be reaching into your bag for more than just sun block.

Here’s to chilling on the beach, pool parties with the gang, and long cool summer nights!


Happy & Healthy Cooking,
— Jennifer

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