Whole Grains Every Day Every Way

Whole Grains Every Day Every Way

Whole Grains every day? Eating whole grains every day has been shown to reduce stroke risk by 30-36%, type 2 diabetes risk by 21-30%, heart disease risk by 25-28%, and aid in better weight maintenance. Don’t know how to cook whole grains? Don’t worry it’s so easy with Lorna’s new book, Whole Grains Every Day Every Way, that uses a wide range of fresh, diverse produce and products are easy to find in grocery stores or order on-line.

Lorna Sass, author of Cooking Under Pressure and many other reknowned health publications, has written an exciting book on grains that will appeal to anyone, meat-eating, vegetarian, vegan. Ideal for the home cook who wants to learn more about whole grains, its easy, time-saving recipes will become a valued resource in your kitchen.

Update: Lorna Sass Wins James Beard Award

Congratulations to my good friend and colleague Lorna Sass on winning the prestigious James Beard Award in the healthy focus category.


  1. Jenn: congratulations on your gorgeous and very informative website! I enjoyed and benefitted from every minute of visiting with you.

  2. Skinny Chef says

    Thanks Lorna! And congrats to you on the James Bread Award, great to hear they recognize such knowledgeable food experts!

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