Healthy Cooking & Tips

The posts in this section focus on cooking techniques, tips and tricks to amp up taste while dialing down fat and calories. After working in many New York City restaurant kitchens for years, it's now time to share those Skinny Chef secrets!

Thanksgiving Day Recipe List

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of turkeys – but not the ones you get in the grocery store. I think about wild turkeys, the ones that live in the hills above the town where I grew up. Also in this post: Healthy Thanksgiving Day Recipes

Low-Cal Comfort Foods

Why is comfort food so good and why can it actually be good for you? In this segment on ‘Better TV’, Jennifer showcased comfort food classics like mac and cheese and chili and explains how you can satisfy your comfort food cravings the skinny way.

Healthy Budget Meals

With the growing cost of groceries, many families are concerned that feeding their family healthy meals can be a balancing game between choosing nutritious food and maintaining their budget. Watch Jennifer’s latest TV clip on how to save your waistline and save on cash at the same time!

Cooking With Superfoods

In a wide-ranging discussion with Better TV’s Audra Lowe, Jennifer highlighted her tips on cooking with readily available superfoods – watch the segment, and get her six recipes for popsicles, cupcakes and salsa!

100 Food Blogs to Inspire Your Healthy Eating

Delighted to see that Nursing School Search considers as one of 100 Food Blogs to Inspire Your Healthy Eating.

World's Hottest Curry

A London restaurant was serving up Thursday what it hopes will be confirmed as the world’s hottest curry, with even the chef admitting it is “too extreme” to keep on the menu.

Five Fast Tomato Sauces

What’s the key to a fresh tasting, light tomato sauce? It’s not slight of hand – it all has to do with the way you cook your ingredients. Simple tomato sauces are so easy to make and yes – they do taste much better than the jarred, store-bought alternative.

Fridge Makeover

We’ve all heard ‘you are what you eat’, but eating right at home starts before you even open your mouth. Get off to the right start by shopping and stocking the fridge the skinny way – join me for more than a dozen radio interviews!