Healthy Cooking & Tips

The posts in this section focus on cooking techniques, tips and tricks to amp up taste while dialing down fat and calories. After working in many New York City restaurant kitchens for years, it's now time to share those Skinny Chef secrets!

Cooking With Spices: Turmeric

Learn to spice things up with healthy cooking on YogaLife! As their resident chef, I’ll show you just how easy it is to add flavor to every-day meals by using spices and foods that heal. This month on Yoga Life, my video features turmeric.

Super Spices

In this webcast, I’ll show you how to use spices to add dimension to your meals and enjoy the amazing health benefits spices have to offer. This month, my YogaLife video focuses on cardamom.

Creamy = Fat?

There are a lot of myths out there about healthy eating. In this webcast, I bust a popular myth that creamy equals fat. It doesn’t have to when you make it healthy at home! Find out how to make your favorite creamy dishes low-fat and heart friendly in this webcast!

Sharpening Knives

Knives, the cornerstone of cooking, are the most important and versatile kitchen tool that we have! Using sharp knives makes cooking fun, because you can work with ease, chop faster, and prepare meals that taste fresher.


Nothing reminds me more of the South of France than lavender. Once I visited Provence in the summer, specifically the town of Grasse, where I was hit by blooming lavender for the first time.

Comfort me with Top Chef

Why do folks think ‘healthy’ and ‘comfort’ means ugly? No way, real comfort food is packed with love! It’s enticing because it looks creamy, crunchy, silky, rich and colorful, as food should always be, healthy or not.

Baking 500 Chocolate Chip Cookies; What Does it Take?

So – just what does it take to make 500 chocolate chip cookies you ask? Well, we’re looking at 50 bags of chocolate chips just for starters.

How to Fight Fat

Obesity is such a serious problem in America that it has turned into an epidemic. For me ‘skinny’ or ‘beautiful’ is not about the insane rail-thin standards we see in the press so often, it’s about being a healthy weight for the quality of life, pure and simple.