Healthy Lifestyle

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle goes beyond eating and cooking the right foods. It's about a well-rounded approach to living -- we'll cover in this section exercise, celebrating life, and finding balance, harmony and soul.

Skinny Mom’s What A Crock Contest

Getting a truly healthy, home-cooked meal on the table is sometimes tough, so I’m passing along this crockpot dinner recipe competion along from my friends at Skinny Mom – they want to hear from all the crock pot mamas and slow cooker connoisseurs!

An Apple A Day: 10 Ways To Make It Drool Worthy

Apples are one of those underrated superfoods that are totally portable and incredibly versatile. Sweet and sometimes sour – here’s 10 unusual, drool worthy ways to enjoy your daily apple.

Homemade Dog Treats With Superfoods?

I am no veterinarian or dog food expert, but I am a dog lovin’ chef who owns two feisty French bulldogs. I’m always looking for healthy foods to supplement their kibble, so here’s a list of superfoods not only great for your pooch but for you too!

Turning Food Blogging Into A Career

As a curious writer, I always have my eyes peeled and my ears perked for becoming a better blogger, since blogging is no longer merely a hobby for me but an essential part my brand.

3 Ways to Feel More Confident and Look Better

Having confidence and feeling good in your skin isn’t necessarily just about your weight. There are many other simple ways to give yourself TLC that could make all the difference in your confidence level and how you interact with others.

5 Ways to Use Coffee

There have been some new amazing studies on the antioxidant content of coffee, as well as how coffee affects us and our memory as we age. So don’t toss that cold coffee that’s at the bottom of your coffee pot: try these fun ways to enjoy America’s favorite brew!

3 Weightloss Tips from Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old medical system created by the Rishis, or wise men of ancient India. Ayurveda isn’t just about mixing herbs, it gives detailed instructions on how to treat the body, improve the mind, and find balance in our changing environment. So here’s what the rishi’s say about weightloss…

Some Like it Really Hot: Habanero

Are you a bona fide chili freak like me? Then habaneros surely rank high on your list of favorite foods. Check out this post to learn how to pick, chop and enjoy habaneros.