Healthy Lifestyle

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle goes beyond eating and cooking the right foods. It's about a well-rounded approach to living -- we'll cover in this section exercise, celebrating life, and finding balance, harmony and soul.

5 Ways To Get More Kale Into Your Diet

Ever since Dr. Drew Ramsey and I wrote ’50 Shades of Kale’ together, I’m always looking for unique and tasty ways to add kale in my diet. Pre-order your copy today and in the meantime, enjoy these five fresh ways to add this uber superfood to your meals, every day.

Healthy Memorial Day Menu

Start your summer fun by planning your Memorial Day weekend menu today! There is no reason why your cookout can’t be full of healthy yet delicious fare with all the dishes people know and love…

What Are Primary & Secondary Foods?

I extensively studied the traditional aspects of nutrition and exercise as well as all the other factors that impact well-being – including the impact of your emotional and spiritual state… so I want you to explore the concept of primary and secondary foods.

Is Wine Healthy for You?

As a chef working in restaurants early in my career, pairing wine with delicious foods was a must. But now that I work as a certified health coach and healthy cooking expert, I want to share the health pros and cons of drinking alcohol.

Healthy Cheats For Natural Weight Loss

‘Healthy Cheats’ showcases the Skinny Chef approach to natural weight loss. This video explains what’s in my new book out on Amazon, and how you can get the free bonus materials.

Breaking Bad Grocery Store Habits

Everybody shops at the grocery store… but are you doing it the right way? Unfortunately for many people, there are quite a few struggles that arise when heading down those grocery store aisles. Luckily, if you take the proper procedures before grabbing your reusable bags and heading to the grocery store, your trip will be a breeze…

How Much Water Should You Drink?

We all know that water is essential to life, and an important part of a healthy diet. Not only does water help keep your skin healthy and glowing, but it has so many functions in the body, including transporting water to the cells, moving toxic waste out, and is necessary for healthy kidney function.

Food is Family

Mothers and daughters baking together, fathers and sons grilling in the backyard…these images can be seen on advertisements, in movies and maybe in your own memory. But today, the thought of cooking dinner with the entire family seems less and less realistic. Sadly, as family time in the kitchen deteriorates, so does you and your family’s health, not to mention your food budget.