Healthy Lifestyle

Enjoying a healthy lifestyle goes beyond eating and cooking the right foods. It's about a well-rounded approach to living -- we'll cover in this section exercise, celebrating life, and finding balance, harmony and soul.

Food is Family

Mothers and daughters baking together, fathers and sons grilling in the backyard…these images can be seen on advertisements, in movies and maybe in your own memory. But today, the thought of cooking dinner with the entire family seems less and less realistic. Sadly, as family time in the kitchen deteriorates, so does you and your family’s health, not to mention your food budget.

Cook at Home and Control What You Eat

It’s hard not to stop at a fast food restaurant or chain diner after a long day of work. Sometimes, that side order of French fries just seems to call your name, especially when you’re tired, stressed, or really hungry. But unfortunately, cruising through the drive-thru and picking up fried chicken or that extra large burger will only hamper your health and expand your waistline.

200-Calorie-Fix Program Launch

Are you looking to get in shape for summer fast? Are you wondering how to ditch the diets and lose weight on a healthy eating plan instead? The answer might be a new healthy eating program that I created based on a survey among the readers in December 2011.

March 2012 Newsletter

Looking for more easy, no-nonsense health eating tips? The March 2012 newsletter is full of the latest news, including a limited-time offer for free health history consultations. Plus, learn more about my new HEALTHY CHEATS series on…

Skinny Chef Featured In GoodFood

The Turkish publication of BBC’s GoodFood is a Skinny Chef fan. If you like the looks of these recipes, you can grab them here: Citrus Almond Chicken, Chicken Caesar Salad, and Chocolate Avocado Shake.

Food for Thought, Some Poetic Words

I’ve always loved poetry and still read from my collection when I need inspiration. The other night I was visiting a dear friend of mine who’s a chef and he jotted this little ditty onto a napkin for me, I’d like to share it with you.