Jen's Favorite Blogs

This sections highlights some of Jennifer's favorite blogs - everything surrounding food, art and creative expression. If you have come across unique foodie sites, please submit them for inclusion on this list.

How to Shop the Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Markets are the best way to getting the most delicious, seasonal produce while supporting local farmers and helping the environment.

Eating for a Nickel Allergy

A reader recently wrote in that her daughter has a nickel allergy, asking for meals ideas. Unfortunately, many of the healthy foods we know and love contain nickel.

Some Like it Really Hot: Habanero

Are you a bona fide chili freak like me? Then habaneros surely rank high on your list of favorite foods. Check out this post to learn how to pick, chop and enjoy habaneros.

How to Boil an Egg

Want to learn the right way to cook an egg? Frustrated by fennel? ‘How to Boil an Egg’ is a tasty mix of food know-how and how-to written by personal chef and food writer Danielle Turner. Danielle shares her knowledge as a chef and cooking instructor to teach basic cooking techniques along with tips on entertaining with ease and simple and delicious recipes.


Combined with her own self-journey and growing knowledge in this ever-changing field, my friend Leslie Dantchik M.S, has real answers about nutrition. The basis of Leslie’s philosophy is simple… Moderation NOT deprivation! Check out her blog where she busts popular diet myths and tells us the secret for lasting health.

The Curious Cook

Harold McGee writes about the chemistry of food and cooking, as is recognized by many food and science publications as one of the top experts. I love his informative and witty blog, but first discovered his writing from the award-winning book, ‘On Food and Cooking’. Harold left academia to share with us the ever-changing field of food chemistry, luckily for us!

Start Cooking

‘Start Cooking’ is all about learning the basics of cooking, from its charming host Kathy Maister. She’ll delight the beginning cook with short cooking videos and step-by-step photo tutorials. After you learn basic cooking skills from the Tips & Techniques section, you’ll be ready to try out quick and tasty meals on your own.

101 Cookbooks

Heidi Swanson, photographer and cookbook author treats us to wonderful weekly spread of lively photos and fresh recipes. I love her natural and healthy food shoots that always inspires me to visit my local farmer’s market!