Archive of Cookbook & Print Coverage

Posts in this section highlight the various cookbooks Jennifer has been involved with, along with featured recipe spreads from print magazines such as SELF, Prevention, InStyle, People and many other magazines and newspapers.

Fresh Start into a Healthy Year

In January’s issue of ‘People’ magazine, I am sharing tidbits on citrus’ benefits and my healthy recipes such as almond-crusted chicken with grapefruit basil salad, or grapefruit & yogurt pops.

Deceptively Delicious in ‘Vogue’ Magazine

In the September 2007 issue of ‘Vogue’, William Norwich shares his conversation with Jessica Seinfeld about the development and recipes of her new cookbook for parents.

Guilt-Free Grilling in Self Magazine

In the July 2007 issue of ‘Self’ Magazine, I am sharing my recipes for warm-weather favorites like pizza and burgers.

Secrets of a Private Chef

In a Q+A article in the summer 2007 issue, I talk about my family’s passion for food and how I managed my weight gain without giving up the thing I love most – cooking!

Nature’s Path in Body+Soul

The May 2007 issue of Body+Soul features a page of the tasty granola parfait I styled and photographed. It jumps out as the perfect breakfast or dessert for Body+Soul readers.

Joy Bauer’s Food Cures

Contributing more than fifty recipes, Jennifer felt fortunate to work closely with Joy on ‘Food Cures’, which unmasks the link between food and health with simple explanations and relatable case studies from Joy’s personal experiences.

Changing Courses in 'YogaLife'

How did yoga help me to master major changes in my life? In a YogaLife article published in the Winter 2006 issue, I am discussing how yoga played a big role in keeping me on track and enabling me to follow my dreams.

Whole Grains Every Day, Every Way

Lorna Sass won the prestigious 2007 James Beard Award in the healthy focus category with this book. Everyone knows that eating more whole grains is a fast way to better health, but who knew it could be so delicious and versatile?