Fridge Makeover

Healthy Stocked FridgeSummer time is here – the perfect chance to update your diet and enjoy seasonal fruit vegetables and fruits.

So while you’re working in your tan, why not get a makeover, a refrigerator makeover that is! We’ve all heard “you are what you eat”, but eating right at home starts before you even open your mouth. Get off to the right start by shopping and stocking the fridge the skinny way. Listen as I break it down in four steps for radio hosts and their nationwide listeners – making healthy shopping choices is easier than you think!

Simple changes, such as choosing reduced-fat, part-skim cheeses and trans-fat free margarine, can really make an impact on your waistline, the health of your heart, and even improve your overall mood. Changing what’s in your fridge really can help change you.


  1. pink fridge says

    Initially I thought the article was about giving the fridge a makeover as in cleaning, adding decorations such as magnets, etc. But yes changing the contents to more healthier foods is a great idea!

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