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Jennifer Iserloh Interview in Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewYesterday, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ran Rachel Weaver’s interview with me ahead of an event tonight at Sewickley Academy where I will be speaking. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

As an in-demand chef who lives near Manhattan, Jennifer Iserloh only comes home once a year.

But a request from her alma mater convinced her to make a special trip to Pittsburgh this week.

Iserloh, founder of Skinny Chef Culinary Ventures and a 1990 Sewickley Academy graduate, will present “The Skinny Chef on Food and Healthy Living” on Tuesday as part of the 2009-10 Sewickley Series. A reception, featuring Iserloh’s recipes, will follow.

“She’s done such fun things with her career,” says academy spokeswoman Mandi Semple. “It’s gone in so many directions, and when she’s here, she’s going to be showing a little piece of everything.”

When Iserloh started working in New York City, it wasn’t in a kitchen. She worked in administration at New York University.

“Every day I would come home, and I didn’t have energy. I was scared to change careers, but I knew it was time to give it a shot,” she says.

At 30, she began pursuing her interest in food – a path that took her to culinary school, to restaurants where she interned and to work as a private chef for celebrities. Iserloh also has worked in food styling and has appeared on several television shows. She writes for Self magazine and runs a blog on her Web site –

The experience has left her feeling “reborn,” she says. “Even though I work harder, when I’m on camera, and there’s food, and someone is eating something I made and enjoying it, it is so fulfilling.”

Her new book, “Secrets of the Skinny Chef,” comes out March 16, 2010. Her recipes differ from traditional comfort food versions, because instead of loading them with calories, she focuses on adding nutrition to each dish.

“The recipes are built to taste the way people are used to having them taste,” she says.”

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