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Hydration tips from Skinny Chef Jen IserlohStaying hydrated throughout the day is hard enough between meetings and carpools. Plus, having to run to the bathroom every few minutes won’t make your day any easier. Check out this recent article on with practical tips from Skinny Chef Jennifer Iserloh to hydrate without hassle.

Hydration and hunger may not be something you think of in tandem, but you should. Eating meals with high water content allows you to feel full faster; a healthier formula for weight loss than the typical diet equals deprivation. According to The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, those who drank at least one liter of water consumed almost 200 fewer calories than those who didn’t. So here’s a few pointers:

1. Want a thirst quencher post-workout? Grapefruit is better than most sports drink because one cup has more than 100% of you daily requirement for Vitamin C and only 90 calories. It’s also low in sugar but high in potassium, a mineral lost through sweat, so grab one after your run to replenish your body.

2. Looking for a light snack for late night TV watching that also hydrates? Try slices of cucumber and zucchini dipped in your favorite store-bought salsa or hummus.

3. Want something will more flavor than plain water? Buy unsweetened green tea and add a squeeze of fresh lemon. You’ll hydrate while getting the antioxidant power from flavanoids in the green tea.

4. Looking for a fruit that’s low in calories and hydrates? Watermelon’s the answer. True to it’s name is high in water and is easy to find precut in containers for a fast snack.

5. Thirsty at lunch? Add a small store bought side salad to lunch and dinner. Most greens
are loaded with water but the fiber also keeps the water in your digestive system longer!

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