Specialty Foods Magazine Features Superfood Sauces

Specialty Food Magazine Features Superfood Sauces

I am super-excited that the Specialty Food Industry’s trade magazine covered Skinny Chef Superfood Sauces in their October 2013 issue.

Writer Kara Mayer Robinson highlighted a general trend towards natural ingredients, stating that “Nutrition labels are more important than ever. Consumers are looking for clean ingredients that are easy to understand. According to Mintel, 52 percent of condiment users are interested in products that are natural or free of artificial additives or preservatives.”

Of course, that’s exactly what you’ll find in Skinny Chef Superfood Sauces: all-natural, gluten free, without any of the top ten allergens or any artificial additives, colorings or preservatives.

The article quotes Jennifer, pointing out that “specialty producers have listened, swapping out high-fructose corn syrup in favor of natural sweeteners like sugar, honey, and molasses. Many superfoods like hot chiles, berries and sweet-tasting vegetables allow chefs to eliminate the need for high-fructose corn syrup, as well as sodium, since these ingredients provide interesting, complex taste and hints of sweetness with less sugar content,” explains Jennifer Iserloh, a chef and ownder of Skinny Chef Natural Foods, which recently launched a line of sauces boasting superfoods like blueberries, chipotle and goji.”

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Specialty Food Magazine Covers Skinny Chef Sauces

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