In The Kitchen with Liz

A few weeks ago, Prevention Magazine‘s editor-in-chief, Liz Vaccariello, invited me on her show, “In the Kitchen With Liz” to talk about healthy foods.

In the video that was featured on Prevention’s homepage, I showed her how to cook with flax seed, serving up a delicious and heart-healthy smoothie that’s the perfect breakfast-on-the-go in the morning!

As one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids that you can find besides fish, it’s an easy ingredient that you can slip into almost any dish. However, there’s also two important things to remember when using flax seeds:

  • Store the seeds in your fridge so that the oils don’t get rancid.
  • To make the omega-3 fatty acids more bioavailable, simply grind up the seeds and use the powder in your cooking.


  1. you look stunning, Jenneeferr!! X

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