April 2008 Newsletter: Healthy Entertaining

Chocolate Avocado ShakeGet ready for warmer weather and slim down for spring! It might not feel like it yet, but bathing suit season is just around the corner and I’m thinking sunny thoughts.

Cooking with plenty of fresh vegetables is the best way to lose weight and still enjoy a completely satisfying meal. Spring has an amazing spread of crisp, green produce like asparagus, collards, fennel, and avocados.

So save on calories without skipping on portion size or flavor.


Tony’s Table, Slimming Spring Produce

Jen on Tony's TableCraving dessert, but want to get an extra serving of veggies into your diet as well? Everyone loves guacamole, but think outside the bowl. Avocado, used to make ice cream in Mexico, has been used to make many luscious International desserts.

Avocado is not only flavorful, but also happens to be high in nutrients like Vitamin B and C, folate and potassium. Watch me show CBS2’s Tony Tantillo how to make my Chocolate Avocado Shake that has half the fat of fast-food shakes and 400 less calories per serving!

Love creamy pasta? Watch me demo my BLT pasta. I call this recipe BLT since it has prosciutto that brings the meaty flavor of bacon with less fat, plus tomatoes and arugula in place of lettuce. Add extra fresh spring veggies to your favorite pasta dish – including more vegetables in your meals not only adds flavor, but also lightens the carb load.

Cooking Mistakes that Make You Gain Weight

The Daily Special ShowKimberly from the Daily Special Show and I talked recently about the most common cooking mistakes that could be packing on pounds.

Healthy cooking can be a cinch when you follow simple rules that anyone can learn! I also show my favorite healthy cooking tools for blending up healthy soups and adding zest to low-fat cooking.

Five Easy Ways to Get Green in the Kitchen

She KnowsIf you want to help protect the environment and save money at the same time – you don’t have to go to extremes. I really believe that every little bit helps, so here are my top 5 painless ways for being green. It’s easy to care about the environment while you cook!

Tip 1. Be a Local Yocal. Visit your local farmers market. Fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market actually last longer since they didn’t have to travel across the miles to get to your kitchen.

Tip 2. Beauty Starts at Home. Be beautiful at home. Craving that spa salt scrub that you saw at the salon? Why not save on those pricey concoctions and cut down on kitchen waste at the same time? Read the full blog

How to Entertain the Skinny Way

Sirius XM Cosmolicious
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It’s fun to entertain when the weather gets warmer. But how do you entertain without adding on unwanted pounds? Check out my post on a Healthy Happy Hour where I share my picks for the most figure friendly happy hour drinks.

Prefer to entertain at home? Find out how to make your favorite snacks and party food healthy – in a recent interview on Sirius Radio, I share tips and recipes with the Comoslicious Girls and talk about healthy substitutions for all of your favorite party snacks.


Happy & Healthy Cooking,
— Jennifer

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