April 2009 Newsletter

Yesterday evening, I was walking down my street, heading out to meet some friends for wine and snacks at my favorite Hoboken hangout. I noticed that many of my neighbors’ gardens had blooming crocuses and daffodils. Even though the weather is still chilly, warmer spring days are just around the corner – which reminds me it will be time to swap those heavy winter coats in favor of flirty spring fashions!

The one thing I always notice when I change over my wardrobe, is that you’ll immediately notice changes in your body. Perhaps this winter you’ve put on a couple “cold-weather” pounds – I know, because it happened to me.

So let me share some ideas on how to shed some extra (winter) weight before the sun really comes out to play. Maybe it’s just a matter of fixing a little innocent mistake in the kitchen…. check out my latest video on Better TV!

Are You Making Any Of These…

Five Cooking Mistakes? Just when you think you’re doing something healthy like cooking at home, you might be surprised about several common missteps that could be adding inches to your waistline! In this segment, which aired in March 2009 on Better TV, I discuss the top five cooking mistakes of home cooks and how to easily overcome them.

Do You Wanna Get More Of…

the Skinny Chef? A few weeks ago, I started officially as the newest blogger on AOL’s Slashfood, a collective of food bloggers. With new posts every Monday and Friday, check out my first few entitled Sugar Shock, Creamy – Without the Calories, and What Nutritionists Eat. And please do add your comments to the lively discussions – we’ll also have plenty of content coming beyond blog posts and recipes! Bookmark my page today!

Just What Are the Secrets to …

enjoying life more these days? It seems that busy schedules and constant bad news from the financial markets are conspiring to really put a wet blanket on having fun, feeling great and getting ready for a marvelous summer season. But as my Granny always says, it’s when things don’t go well that you’ll need to make a change. Maybe my “little” 45-page digital book Enjoy Life The Skinny Chef Way can make my healthy living philosophy more accessible for you – with lots of easy tips and techniques to get started, including great recipes that even a non-cook can whip up right away… Oh, and before I forget: if you already downloaded the book, please be so kind to drop me a line with your feedback and your stories – come on, you have two minutes, right?

What Else Is New?

  • Low Fat Hot Cocoa Five Delicious Ways – I was craving something chocolatey, so I thought I’d brew a steamy cup of cocoa and experiment!
  • No Cash for the Gym? Want to find a way to relax and get a workout at the same time without investing in a pricey gym membership?
  • The Food Was Pure Poetry – Poetry is a way to capture something that is so difficult to do – explain human emotion in writing. Changing one word in a piece of poetry can alter the entire experience – just like with food…
  • Easy Ways to Ease Sinus Pain – If you suffer from sinus pressure, then you know it’s a nagging affliction that you dread – though I found out that you don’t necessarily have to resort to medicine for a reprieve.
  • Yoga Music – Music lifts the spirits and fills your surroundings with a positive vibe – and is another great way to help you relax or have a yoga practice. Here are my favorites, also available as an iMix from the iTunes store.
  • Vanilla bean is a quintessential flavoring that has been prized for its complex creamy, yet sometimes spicy flavor. Find out more about its history, health benefits and delicious uses…
  • Its easy to be devoted when there are more yoga studios to choose from: Devotion Yoga in Hoboken has just opened its uptown location.


Happy & Healthy Cooking!
— Jennifer


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