December 2009 Newsletter

December 2009 NewsletterMany people associate shopping with the Winter holiday season, but for me it’s about sharing delicious home-made food, decorating, playing music and inviting neighbors over to share a plate of cookies and a simple holiday toast.

As I dropped off a container of meatballs for my neighbor Eliza the other day, she in turn gave me a wonderful creamy broccoli-cauliflower soup with curry. Who says that you can’t maintain that holiday feeling of sharing all year round?

The gift of home-made holiday baked goods never goes out of style, and when you make a large batch they can be more economical too! That’s why I want you to download my “Healthy Holiday Entertaining” booklet full of scrumptious holiday recipes and time-saving tips so you can truly enjoy the company of your friends and family at your next get-together. What better way to wish family and friends a happy and healthy holiday season than with home-made goodies made with love?

As many of you have noticed over the last few months, I am posting updates five days a week – and below you’ll see a small selection of posts from last month. For a complete listing, check out the November 2009 archive of “Chew On This” »

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Happy and Healthy Cooking,

Jennifer Iserloh

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