June 2009 Newsletter

Making healthier choicesPeople talk to me. It doesn’t matter where I am, I might be on a bus, waiting in line at the grocery store, or eating in a restaurant. Last summer when I was working in the Hamptons, I even met the most charming women chatting over cuts of meat at the butcher counter.

So I thought it might be fun to share some of those stories and experiences each month in my future newsletters. I hope that these simple stories that people share with me – how healthy living habits make a difference in their lives, will inspire you too. Check out the story below, entitled Looking for Love in the Right Place!

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Start Out on the Right Foot

start out rightI was recently reading about the power of intention on the Chopra Center website and I wondered if setting intentions or tones in the morning could make you more calm or possibly productive during the day.

Often when I first wake up, I start to mull over an imaginary “to do list” that is far larger than what one human being can accomplish in one day. Then, I make my second mistake of the morning… are you making the same mistake?

Healthy Eating Tips: Grilling Refresh

healthy grilling tipsAs many of you know, I am always on the lookout for new ways to prepare delicious American Classics – all while reducing fat and excess calories, but without skimping on flavor! With the grilling season around the corner, I think everyone should take a quick refresher on outdoor eating and grilling tips, so that the BBQ season doesn’t derail your healthy eating habits!

In my latest feature on AOL Food, I share smart grilling tips that make your summer cookout healthier and tastier.

Shredded Beef

recipe for shredded beedSpeaking of grilling, my shredded beef recipe has become a huge hit in my neighborhood – it’s mouth-watering good, but most likely a lot healthier than similar recipes. This flavorful shredded beef can be cooked ahead and added to your favorite dish. I like to use it for burritos, tacos, and enchiladas.

Try it out for your next cookout, and see how you’ll become the next neighborhood star!

5 Secrets Grandma Never Shared

health secretsEarlier last month, I had a lenghty phone conversation with my Granny, talking about the new studies and advances in health. It seems that every month I read some new studies that presents contradictory information about what is best to eat for maintaining weight and a healthy diet.

But Granny brought up some interesting ideas, common sense tips that she did in her own kitchen when she was a young woman and I find that they still hold true today. Can you guess which ones?

Looking for Love in the Right Place

I’m a healthy living expert – not a love therapist. But when girls start chatting, their love lives are a preferred topic. My friend Pam, (she’s asked me to change her name – this is HER love life we’re talking about after all!) had her eye set on Jim who worked in the same office, just a few cubicles away.

She had an impossible crush on him, but felt that she couldn’t make her feelings known because she was “too fat” as she put it, about 25 pounds overweight at the time. She asked for my advice.

I thought Pam looked gorgeous and I knew that overall she’s a pretty healthy eater. But I worried that the unwanted weight might be a health issue down the road. So we talked about what she could do right away to trim down, not so much to capture the apple of her eye, but more so to feel better about herself and have more energy. Pam hates exercise and doesn’t really love the gym culture, so naturally I suggested yoga.

Pam started slowly with yoga just once and week and then increased finally to four times weekly. Her posture improved so much that her family members immediately commented on it. She scaled back on portion size – starting just with one or two bites less of toast in the morning or simply measuring out her breakfast cereal before topping it with skim milk instead or 2%.

Then she made portion adjustments with lunch and dinner. In a matter of six months, Pam started to look great, but more importantly she felt great – in fact she looked radiant as we chatted over coffee. It turned out that Pam was seeing someone new – Jim’s supervisor, Tom!

Turns out that Tom had always thought Pam was very attractive, a little bit of a “hotty” as he put it. “So why didn’t you ask me out before?” Pam said expecting him to comment on her recent weight loss.

“Well, you always looked so down, and I wanted to be with someone who’s atractive and positive. You’re even more beautiful because you’re so confident, and I’m glad that getting in shape has helped you to feel that way.”


Happy & Healthy Cooking!
— Jennifer


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