March 2009 Newsletter

March is the month when I start to crave warmer weather and sunny afternoons. With cold temperatures and brisk winds keeping us indoors, it’s the perfect chance to catch up on some reading that you won’t have time for when outdoor summer sports and barbeque weather kicks in.

So settle in with a good book or blog and warm the house up with a hot pasta dish or soup.

Ahimsa, The Practice of Non-Harming

Practice Non-Harming for a DayIt might sound like a lofty, philosophic ideal, but I think Ahimsa is particularly pertinent right now, with our hurting economy, obesity and diabetes rates at an all time high, and a general sense of fear that I detect when I walk down the street. If we take a minute to practice Ahimsa, I can’t help but think the world would be a better more positive place.

The term “Ahimsa”, translated literally from Sanskrit, the ancient language of India, means non-harming. Revered modern-day leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. lived their lives according to the tenets of ahimsa, even while waging their own social battles against violent regimes which they wished to change. But the concept of ahimsa has been ever-present in human history, deeply rooted in the teachings of inspirational religious figures like Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna.

To “not harm” something is to respect it at the deepest possible level, but how does this relate to everyday actions within a modern life? Get practical tips how “not harming” applies to your body and mind ….

The Truth About Diet Pills & Fad Diets

What's in Diet Pills?Every year typically starts out with a real focus on diets, and that’s why I previously released my short course entitled “Ditch The Diet“. Yet I also noticed over the last few weeks that everyone in the media is talking about the downside to “Fad Diets” and why they can be so hard to follow.

I’m so happy to see a real “anti-diet” spirit growing and a shift to living life through healthy eating and moderation. But let’s take a closer look at diet pills and fad diets to really understand why they are so problematic.

Wine is Fine

Wine May Be Good For YouWhenever my friend Bernadette and I spend time together, we always latch on to some obscure topic that usually ends up in a friendly dispute. This time, the topic turned to wine – read more about appreciating wine and if drinking wine is as good for your heart as they say.

Wine is interesting because it is a multi-faceted drink. It can be rich or delicate, have unique aromas that might even surprise you and has the ability to bring out or compliment flavors in food.

Wine grapes are cultivated throughout the world, and wine is one of the world’s most popular drinks besides coffee, tea, and beer. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy wine, but here are some points to keep in mind when tasting and enjoying your next glass.

Can You Cure Acne with Diet?

I’ve always believed that beautiful skin comes from two places, first heredity and second diet. So what if you’re prone to acne or dry skin? Can diet really make a difference? What about vitamin supplements? Is it possible to “overdose” on vitamins?

Last month, I took a comprehensive look at this topic, including why vitamins are crucial for skin health and how healing spices and herbs can play a supporting role.

New Recipes on

    Delicious snowpeas, prepared in 3 minutes

  • Snow Peas with Orange Zest and Garlic – I wrote this recipe for my good friend Phil who enjoyed it during Tammi’s wonderful Christmas dinner shared in Vermont. Anyone who has minimal cooking experience will like this recipe and even my husband, the reluctant cook, prepared it for us all. Just be sure not to overcook the snow peas.
  • Citrus Smoothie – Smoothies can be a no-mess way to get in vital nutrients that you may be lacking in your everyday diet, like vitamin C and calcium. They are superfast to whip up and the creamy texture can help fight cravings for sweets and frozen treats.
  • Pineapple Salsa – Sweet, salty, and spicy, this pineapple salsa is a great way to dress up any plain-jane dish. If you prefer more heat in your salsa, you can add one chopped jalapeño.
  • Mini Cashew Cookies – Nut butters are great for making baked goods and sauces. I love the sweet, mellow taste of cashews, but if cashew butter is not in your budget, replace it with peanut butter instead.


Happy & Healthy Cooking!
— Jennifer


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