October 2007 Newsletter: Get Ready For Tricks or Treats

Grapes at the Farmer's MarketFall is the perfect time to get back into the kitchen. The sun is still shining and fall produce including grapes, mushrooms, and squash can be found at your local markets.

As cooler weather approaches, there is nothing more comforting than a bubbling pot of soup on the stove or a fragrant cup of tea. Do a kitchen equipment check for stock pots and baking pans. Fill you cupboards with powdered cocoa and healthy teas. When the weather turns, enjoy rich tasting, cool-weather favorites like corn chowder, tuna melt, and mac and cheese without worrying about your waistline! Who said creamy has to equal fat! Watch my myth buster webcast on how I make creamy dishes without all the fat!

Healthy Hoboken

Hoboken Charter School

Meet me in Hoboken, September 29th, at Sinatra Park from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm for the annual Healthy Choices Health Fair of the Hoboken Charter School. As part of a year-long effort to help all students feel healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged, both in and out of school, Hoboken Charter School is sponsoring a community health fair. The Healthy Choices Health Fair will provide information, resources and demonstrations – addressing nutritional, medical, physical, recreational, intellectual, financial and safety issues. Stop by to taste samples of my healthy and kid-friendly fare and watch me give a cooking demonstration.

New Podcasting Series

In Granny’s Kitchen is where it all started! In my new podcasting series, In Granny’s Kitchen, you can listen to taped kitchen conversations, with my Granny sharing cooking tips and recipes from over 50 years as a home cook!

Find what it was like growing up before the time of fast-food and frozen dinners, and what she thought of the first cake mix. Granny knows best, and she’s not shy about sharing her recipes!

September = Whole Grains Month

September is Whole Grains Month. Get more whole grains into your diet with new fall recipes such as Whole Grain Chocolate Chips and Quinoa Crusted Chicken Fingers. Learn more about the amazing health benefits of whole grains and how easy it is to add them to everyday meals.

Grapefruit for Fall Beauty

Grapefruit HalvesDo you know that grapefruit juice can actually improve your complexion? Yes, drinking grapefruit juice can keep away those red noses and eye bags that come with seasonal colds. Juicy, tart, sweet, and refreshing, delicious grapefruit keeps you beautiful, inside and out!

I use it in my kitchen because it’s easy to find year-round and I love its versatile flavor. I know that grapefruit juice gives me plenty of Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and can help fight the aging process. Maintain that glowing complexion from summer with antioxidants that protect against wind damage and safe-guard gums for a gorgeous smile.

Enjoying grapefruit juice has even been shown to help lower cholesterol. Find out more about the health benefits of grapefruit.

Happy & Healthy Cooking,
   — Jennifer

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