October 2008 Newsletter

Now that the summer holidays are over and everyone is back to their usual work routines, it is the perfect time to make healthy habits part of that routine. Learn how to cook healthy meals on a budget, find out about great tips for healthy entertaining, and settle in with a new healthy cookbook from my friend, Angela Shelf Medearis, The Kitchen Diva!

Healthy Budget Meals

Jennifer on WABC, discussing healthy budget meals

Save your waistline and save on cash at the same time – healthy family meals that will fill you up without breaking the bank! With the growing cost of groceries, many families are concerned that feeding their family healthy meals can be a balancing game between choosing nutritious food and maintaining their budget. So why not cook your comfort favorites the skinny way and save on grocery bills in the process? In this segment, which aired on Saturday, September 13, 2008 on ABC’s Eyewitness News, Jennifer showcased four healthy and fast budget recipes that feed a family of four:

Healthy Party Snacks

Jennifer's friends taste-test healthy snacks

There’s no question that I like to cook, but I like entertaining even more. Testing out my healthy recipes on a hungry crowd is the best way to see which dishes are the most popular and to get feedback on flavors and textures. In this webcast on healthy party snacks, you’re invited to one of my parties where my neighbors and friends taste-tested many of the recipes you can find on SkinnyChef.com. Find out which ones were the top crowd pleasers among our guest list of 70 attendees:

The New African-American Kitchen

Kitchen Diva's new book

The New African-American Kitchen shows food lovers how to prepare healthy alternatives to traditional ethnic recipes, comfort foods, and familiar recipes; to support farmer’s markets; to promote the use of organic, locally grown produce and seasonal cooking; to teach cooks how to prepare tasty vegetarian meals using non-meat alternatives; and to encourage them to consider vegetarian recipes for one or two meals per week. In addition, there is a chapter with information about living a healthier life, as well as recipes for those who struggle with diet-related illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

Other News and Updates

  • What is Gluten-Free? – So, what do suffers of Celiac Disease eat? They learn to live a gluten-free lifestyle and become gluten sleuths, reading all labels, as gluten can hide in any number of places. You might be thinking that this is an extreme carb-free diet, however those with Celiac’s can enjoy plenty of gluten-free starches such as corn, potatoes, rice, and tapioca.
  • 5 Surprising Reasons You’re Gaining Weight – How do you explain weight gain when your lifestyle includes regular exercise and a healthy diet that is controlled in calories? Gaining weight is absolutely maddening, especially when you really don’t understand why the needle on the scale keeps going up.

Happy & Healthy Cooking,
— Jennifer

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