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August 2009 Newsletter

Summer isn’t over yet! In my August 2009 newsletter, I share new videos, posts, and resources to make your summer a success. And don’t miss out on several posts about my recent trip to Germany!

July 2009 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter is again full of great resources, articles and videos – from great grilling recipes, a new digital book to download, to updates on artificial sweeteners, diet pills, food allergies and How-To’s in the kitchen.

June 2009 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter is chock-full of great resources, articles and videos – check out my healthy grilling video on AOL, secrets that my grandma never shared when I grew up, and what I learned about starting out on the right foot. That, and new places where my content is now available!

May 2009 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter is chock-full of great resources, articles and videos – check out my fridge-makeover video on AOL, a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interview and several articles and interviews about naturopathic medicine, cocoa and cooking oils!

April 2009 Newsletter

Don’t miss the latest reports in my April newsletter – from my recent adventures on TV, as a new blogger for AOL and about new and noteworthy additions to the site – including the scoop about common missteps by home cooks…

March 2009 Newsletter

March is the month when I start to crave warmer weather and sunny afternoons. With cold temperatures and brisk winds keeping us indoors, it’s the perfect chance to catch up on some reading that you won’t have time for when outdoor summer sports and barbeque weather kicks in.

February 2009 Newsletter

With the beginning of yet another year, many people made resolutions to live healthier and happier in 2009 by making lasting changes. In my February 2009 newsletter, I am highlighting my personal resolutions and review recent developments on

January 2009 Newsletter

I want to wish all my readers a very happy and healthy New Year. With the coming of the new year, I’m sure you all have New Year’s resolutions, so that’s why I’ve created a brandnew email course, Ditch the Diet. My goal is to teach my readers to be healthier by learning why fad diets are bad, curing bad habits, and avoiding the worst diet mistakes.