Healthy Recipes: Desserts & Drinks

In this section of the site, you can find all of the Skinny Chef desert & drink recipes. Typically, there are several pages with recipes - so scroll down and use the paged navigation.... or search for the recipe by title:


Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cookies

Purchase a pumpkin shape cookie cutter to make these fanciful whole wheat trick or treats for Halloween. The molasses adds vital iron and other minerals to these whole grain goodies that have an extra helping of fiber.

Cherry Upside-Down Cake

As a kid, I hated upside down cakes covered with masses of sticky glazed pineapple. Feared by many, it always popped up on buffet tables at family gatherings. I’ve never been a big fan of canned fruit since, so my upside down version is made with a thick, rich homemade filling of fresh cherries that is simple and superb.

Double Chocolate Zucchini Brownies

My granny always had so much leftover zucchini in her garden, it was a challenge to use it all. Zucchini is very high in water and fiber content. It’s the perfect way to moisten brownies without adding extra fat and get extra fiber in your diet … and this recipe is consistently among the most downloaded ones here on

Brown Sugar Ice Cream

I’m always on the hunt to find ways to use leftovers. This is the prefect way to treat your family to a frozen dessert and pump up the servings of whole grains at the same time.

Orange Beet Mimosa

Orange juice makes everything sweet and sunny. Beets add jewel-like color as well as added nutrition to this classic brunch drink.

Luscious Leftovers

‘I don’t know what to have for dinner’ I hear all the time, but cooking at home doesn’t mean that you have to make everything completely from scratch. Tossing out food is of course wasteful, but it’s also a missed opportunity to have a fast mess-free meal that you can put together in minutes.

Frozen Lemon Pudding

I have been on a Mad Men kick ever since I randomly caught one of the episodes on AMC. The dashing Don Draper with his dark secrets, immaculate suits, and gritty manners that he smoothes over with well-placed words inspired me to create a dish in his honor.

Blueberry Snow Cone

Food is becoming fashion, with all its trends, styles, and what’s hot and what’s not. The year of the ‘whoppie pie’ is coming to a close and now it seems that ‘gourmet’ snow cones are the latest in cool.